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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Family

I thought I would practice with my new blogger and write about my family. I don't share that much about them because I am busy sharing about learning English. Sometimes I use my children, my husband or my crazy pets in my examples in the classroom.
Here are some details about my family. My husband Curt is an administrator at a Christian High School not too far from Carbondale. He really loves being in school. He also enjoys reading and playing volleyball. We have a volleyball court in our backyard, but it's way too cold to play right now. Sometimes he plays volleyball in a gym. He does a lot of the cooking now because I am sick of cooking!!!!
My oldest son and his wife recently moved to Columbia, South Carolina. Nathan is teaching German in a high school and my daughter-in-law Amanda is going to graduate school. My second son Noah lives on a sailboat in southern California. He is studying graphic design and works part time. He loves computers and is very handy. He also loves living on a boat. It's his dream. My daughter turned 20 today. She recently moved out to Los Angeles and is working at an Express Store at a mall. This is her first birthday away from Carbondale, but she has many relatives nearby. Her two aunts are giving her a party this weekend. Her two grandfathers, her two cousins and Noah also live nearby. She is spending today at the beach. LA has had a lot of rain recently, but today is sunny.
I also have three pets: a dog, Talie (who has a broken leg) and two cats, Keely and Joey. I think the animals are bored because no one is at home during the day. Our house is very quiet without our children, but very active with all these pets.
Next time I will write more about stuff.

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I seem to be a very slow learner when it comes to new things on the computer. I am having my second 'blogger' lesson; this one is with Marie and my first one was last semester with Shalaigh. I wonder who my third teacher will be?